Monday, January 24, 2011

Thank you very much Aral Pinoy: Dagdag Kaalaman sa Munting Salo-salo! PART II

Thank you very much Aral Pinoy once again, its Founder and President, Antonio Ingles, Jr. and kind-hearted heroes, MS. MARIBEL and MS. HONEY for sharing your blessings with pARISH sOCIAL aCTION PSAC (Org) courtesy of Liza R. De Jesus & San Vicente Ferrer Parish (Batangas) through Dagdag Kaalaman sa Munting Salo-salo (DKMS) PART II (Jan 23, 2011).

All photos here are courtesy of pARISH sOCIAL aCTION cOMMITTEE.

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  1. ‎Hi @Perla (Perla Paredes Daly) @Leny (Leny Strobel) I am humbled and at the same time inspired by all that gave and I am here to support its purpose and cause.

    Thank you for making Aral Pinoy ( the FIRST featured filipino at for the week of 1/28/11.

    What a way also to start a year through advocacy and education by increasing awareness and keeping the beauty and wisdom of our Filipino culture and heritage. With a simple start: Dagdag Kaalaman sa Munting Salo-salo! by an enormous task of a group I just meet recently in facebook.

    By seeing these...

    I'm overwhelmed by their generosity and unselfish acts. It's a celebration of the volunteerism that honors and evokes the Babaylan spirit!

    But the task is not yet over there is more work to be done.