Friday, February 21, 2014

Get 5,000 Poor Filipino Children To Eat Apples

We would like to sincerely appeal for your generous online donation in behalf of the 5,000 Poor Filipino Children who have never seen nor tasted apples in their life. To them an apple is just a representation of the letter A in the English alphabet they learned in school.

The Appledrive Project will provide Apples and Appleboy Comic Books to
5,000 Poor Filipino Children in Metro Manila, Pangasinan and Tacloban for them to eat apples more often and to educate them and their parents about the importance of living healthy and why they should eat apples.

With a minimum of $10 dollars / ₱ 440 pesos, the Appledrive Project will provide 10 apples for a poor Filipino child for 10 days. With $20 dollars / ₱ 880 pesos, the Appledrive Project will provide 15 apples for 1/2 month and 8 copies of Appleboy Comic Book.

Project Name: Get 5,000 Poor Filipino Children To Eat Apples Project Id: 16316

Link to this project: If you want to use a shorter url for Twitter, SMS, or Facebook the link is:

We know that there are a lot of other ways you could spend the money, but you believe in our project, thus you will be making these 5,000 Poor Filipino Children eat apples and learn the importance of healthy living.

Please also consider telling to your friends and family about this project by sharing the link on your blogs or social networks. 

Thank you again for all your support to this cause.

With gratitude,

RJ "Appleboy" Garcia Jr
Founder. Entrepreneur. Advocate. 


Antonio Levy S. Ingles, Jr., Ph.D. 
Founder. Educator.

Project Leader for Aral Pinoy in

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