Saturday, January 5, 2019

ARAL PINOY (AP) is now an Official Member Organization of SDSN Youth

Today, ARAL PINOY (AP) is an Official Member Organization of SDSN Youth [Term Two years, renewable]. 

AP is an NGO youth-focused organization that has competence related to sustainable development and has committed its resources and activities working towards 

  • education, 
  • advocacy, 
  • research, and 
  • proposing doable solutions for sustainable development.

The following are the qualifications to become an official Member Organization (MO) of the SDSN Youth:

  • Accredited university clubs and societies, youth-led/focused organizations and youth based networks with demonstrated capacities and a strong track record in education, research and/or project work on one or more themes of sustainable development in their respective campus, community, city, country and/or region;
  • A demonstrated desire and ability to play an active role in local, national, regional and global problem solving and advocacy for sustainable development;
  • Stated commitment from the head of the entity to become a dedicated SDSN Youth Member;
  • Organizations that are focused on achieving specific goals and targets outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Associated with a Regional/National SDSN Center*

*the Secretariat for SDSN Philippines is at the UP School of Economics

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