Sunday, April 19, 2009


What does the future hold for The De La Salle-Committed Association of Religious Educators Incorporated (D.L.S.-CARE INC.)?

Theology and Religious Education Department (TRED) Chairperson Dr. Rito Baring had a meeting today (12:30PM W203) with the
D.L.S.-CARE INC.'s incorporators about its current status as an organization and registered professional institution. The incorporators present in the meeting were Dr. Carol Fallarme , Teresita Dumlao, Dr. D’Arlington Javellana and Antonio Ingles, Jr.

The future feels uncertain right now. We cross our fingers and hope that everything runs smoothly.

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  1. Almost two years after that meeting, C.A.R.E. dies a natural death! This time I wish to bring the opportunity of gathering all C.A.R.E. members since the beginning until 2009...

    What does the future hold for C.A.R.E. +?

    We can do more with Facebook to reach out to them, share stories, share our blessings and PLUS...

    Calling all C.A.R.E. members, find them, search for them, look for them, invite them here to a new venue of C.A.R.E. + then after this we will discover, we will find out how can we do more... and where the SPIRIT of GOD is leading us.

    Committed Associates in Religious Education PLUS (C.A.R.E. +)