Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life-Giving Relationship

Aral Pinoy upholds these Life-Giving Relationships Values (L-GR Values). For Fuellenbach (1998), these essential relations extend in four directions: to God, to oneself, to neighbor (both as individual and as part of society) and to creation as a whole. Therefore, to be just means human beings should live in life-giving relationships with their fellow human beings, with themselves, with nature (creation) and ultimately with God.

Last April 30, 2009 I saw a book in Singapore (The McGraw-Hill Company) entitled Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy (Paperback) by Peter G Brown, Geoffrey Garver

A. Mayer says this book is about: Right relationship which "borrows from various religious/spiritual traditions and fits them within a modern ecological economics framework. Change must include more than just a scattered radicals and if religious institutions can be engaged in reforms also than true progress is much more likely."

"Peter G. Brown and Geoffrey Garver use the core Quaker principle of “right relationship”—interacting in a way that is respectful to all and that aids the common good—as the foundation for a new economic model."

"An economy based on the idea of “right relationship” offers not only the promise of a bountiful future but also an opportunity to touch the fullness of human meaning and, some would say, the presence of the Divine." (read more)

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