Sunday, August 22, 2010

From AP Website From Welcome to Aral Pinoy!

Aral Pinoy ay Pagaaral na Alagang Pinoy. Aral Pinoy is dedicated to education for life-giving relationships. This is inspired and born out of helping and working with the marginalized sectors of our society since my seminary days.

To make a vital difference in the lives of our kababayan has always been my vision, and I, Antonio Ingles, Jr., as Aral Pinoy's Convenor, dream that one day if God’s generosity allows, I will build schools in the rural areas, schools for life that empower them.

Today, education is an urgent call to action for and by the rural poor: the indigenous people, the rural women, the fisher folks, the farmers, the rural youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities and the informal sector.

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