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About us

"Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for." ~Viktor E. Frankl

They need purposes in their own particular contexts and conditions, in their works and lives. Aral Pinoy tries to respond to these needs by involving Pinoys serving Pinoys, our people and the community in the field of Education, be it Basic or Adult Literacy . By turning our work into ministry and service -focused and energized, in our humble way, we continuously work with students, teachers and communites discover and sustain this initiative. Aral Pinoy helps students learn and teachers teach.

We continuously seek volunteers (groups and individuals) who can be partner with Aral Pinoy through its ongoing operations and continual improvement of teachers' training, students' learning, classrooms' learning-equipments and facilities. With trust in God and confidence in the meaning and purposes of what we are doing, we are convinced that we can make a vital difference in the life of our kababayan.

At the moment , Aral Pinoy is into Alagang Silid-Aralan (adopt and nurture a classroom) as one the initiatives to support teachers and students in classroom level. For Filipinos or Pinoys to adopt is "mag-ampon". The "mag-ampon" means to nurture an adopted. Ang mag-alaga ng inampon (to nurture an adopted) means that nurturing can not be separated from adopting. Ang Alagang Silid-Aralan ay Alagang Pinoy.

When I read about the RA 8525 Adopt-A-School Program of 1998 (ASP) ( which gets "support from all stakeholders in education through various needs-based and sustainable interventions – harnessing technology, providing electric and water facilities to schools, enhancing health and nutrition and teacher development programs and supporting relevant education – that will eventually improve the schools, increase learning outcomes of the pupils and therefore, improve the quality of life of the generations to come," ( I seek ways on how I can be of help in the same direction.

I observed that according to this program one simple way to support poor schools is to provide them the following educational equipment, like PCs, slide projectors, color TVs (21 inches), VHS players/recorders, DVD players and photocopying machines.

This inspired me to take the same direction since I have been in education way back 1990. My initial plan to help is to pilot test my project: Tutorial Modules and Trainors Manual on a step-by-step conversion of PowerPoint presentations to be played on a digital still camera and be viewed on a TV screen.

In my intention to help poor schools, teachers and students, I started looking for people whom I believe will support my initiative. I told them that I would like to share my project: a new alternative teaching tool, which is beneficial to schools, teachers and students that have no enough technology and financial resources and no opportunity to afford computers and multimedia projectors.

With the help of my colleagues, we then created a dynamic team of volunteer teacher trainers for poor schools. I believe that with the support of my fellow Masteral Degree in Learning and Teaching (MaLT) graduates, MaLT students, this dynamic team of teacher trainers can eventually sustain this initiative. As to whoever is willing to sponsor this project still remains to be seen. Are you the one? Would you like to contribute to our projects?

Antonio Ingles, Jr.
Aral Pinoy Convenor

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