Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alagang Silid-Aralan...

The official logo of Aral Pinoy consists of the feather pen, the book and the sun rising from the horizon, which all put together symbolize hope for knowledge and education, at the same time demonstrate a true Filipno spirit.

The design is creatively done through the generosity of
Mr. Eduardo Barrantes Verzosa, a Pinoy professional web/graphic designer based in Norway ( Aral Pinoy also has its official website ( designed too by Mr. Versoza.

At the moment Aral Pinoy is into
Alagang Silid-Aralan (adopt and nurture a classroom), an initiative to support public school teachers and students in classroom level. To adopt and nurture a classroom anybody (groups and individuals) can be a partner with Aral Pinoy through its ongoing operations and continual improvement of teachers' training, students' learning, classrooms' learning-equipments and facilities.

For Filipinos or Pinoys to adopt is "mag-ampon". The "mag-ampon" means to nurture an adopted. Ang mag-alaga ng inampon (to nurture an adopted) means that nurturing can not be separated from adopting.

Last Saturday (March 29, 2009) I, as Aral Pinoy's convenor, had an initial exchange with
Mr. Santiago Flora, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs of Quezon City Polytechnic University Aral Pinoy agreed to partner with QCPU through Alagang Silid-Aralan (adopt and nurture a classroom). Mr. Santiago is very much willing to even name the classroom to whoever (group or individual) who would be part of this endeavor. I will ask him to name one classroom to Mr. Eduardo Barrantes Verzosa.