Friday, March 25, 2011

Aral Pinoy Supports: Rice + Trees + Ecology = Project!

Do you want to help and be part in ecological restoration (reforestation) of our country?
A Kilogram of Rice +
Trees Planted +
Ecological Restoration = One Project!

Isang Kilong Bigas +
Mga Punong Itinanim +
Pagpapanumbalik sa Nasirang Kalikasan = Isang Proyekto!

Please help or donate to this project of our Aetas' community in Fort Magsaysay Military Reservation in Bacao, Palayan City, Province of Nueva Ecija who are planting and taking good care of these trees for Ecological Restoration /Reforestation. The community is happy to be compensated or paid by rice (bigas). This March (2011) the community will plant 100,000 seedlings.

This sprouting leaves made my day.
Awesome magic
in nature.
~Fr. Chito
(All photos here are courtesy of Fr. Chito)

Look at those leaves! They started to grow!
~Fr. Chito

This is the first living fence we did after clearing the
area. Two rows of madre cacao waiting for rain to
make it grow. The trees you see were probably
planted by the Benedictine Sisters from way
back in 2002,but stunted their growth
because of the weeds: Acacia
mangium. Decidious and
hard wood trees, best
also for reforestation.
~Fr. Chito

Tibig or ficus nota. It's a fantastic tree.
~Fr. Chito

Gliricidia sepium, madre cacao, kakawate:
nitrogen fixing tree. Good for
green manure. ~Fr. Chito

The size of the area to be planted is 1,000+ hectares (1K) and the number of trees to be planted are 1,000,000 (1M). Our Aetas' community will have an enormous task because intensive tending and care are needed to protect these trees. Moreover, this will provide livelihood for them and each Aeta will be paid per day by 3- kilos of rice + 4 instant noodles + 2 canned sardines. For a year, the community needs 300 sacks/bags of rice.

Anita, digging a ditch. She's 60 plus years old
but has a very good battery life.
She keeps going and going
and going. ~Fr. Chito

Maricel, very dependable and hardworking, digging
a ditch for the contour line. ~Fr. Chito

1. IN-KIND and the minimum is one sack of rice + 1 box of payless + 1 box of sardines. These can be raised by way of contributions by five or more persons in two weeks. However, there must be someone who will bring the goods in the area. (This can be practically done by generous individuals who are living near the area).

NOTE: I just contacted the Victory Liner Bus Company (Tel# 833-4403 & 833-5019/20) and I was informed that they have no bus terminal in Cabanatuan. I also contacted the Five Star Bus Company (Tel# 421-4716/17) and though they have a bus terminal in Cabanatuan, someone must bring the goods in the area. I called Baliwag Transit Bus Company Grace Park, Caloocan (Tel#3640860) they do not have waybill (sending the package alone with a fee) and someone must bring the goods in the areas. The fare price is Php 168 plus Php 50 fee per bag/sack of rice. I also contacted LBC (Tel# 8585999), but one bag/sack of rice costing Php 1,700, LBC charges Php 70 per kilo, thus 1 sack of rice of 50 kilos x Php 50 = is Php 3,500. It is not practical.

Aetas resting... @Nueva Ecija
(Brgy. Bacao,Palayan City)
~Fr. Chito

Sisters and catechists from Mother of Perpetual Help
Parish in Cabanatuan. ~Fr. Chito

Fr. Chito (center) is my classmate in college in
San Carlos Seminary. Al Figueroa (extreme left)
works at Ecology & Environment, Inc.,
Ecological Concerns Cabanatuan

2. Thru CASH is the practical solution, by sending money via LBC or Western Union to Fr. Jacinto CHITO Beltran, Director, Office for Ecological Concerns, Diocese of Cabanatuan, Saint Rose of Lima Parish, Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, 3101.

Dr. Antonio Ingles, Founder/President of Aral Pinoy
This photo was taken in San Juan,
Batangas, Philippines.

“The Green for Life: One Million Trees and Beyond,”
aims to plant a million trees by June, 2011,
in time for the celebration of the
Lasallian presence in
the Philippines.

By helping, you are:
showing great concerns for Aetas;
respecting their roots as Aetas Filipinos, our countrymen/women;
providing jobs for them, their source of livelihood;
helping the environment;
making yourself generous and
pleasing God.

These are the six ways of loving and caring:
Love for others = Social Responsibility
Love for our country = Filipino in Ideals/Values
Love for the dignity of work = Competence
Love for God's creation = Creative/Creating goodness for the environment
Love for self-esteem = Appreciation of individual uniqueness
Love for God = Deeply Rooted in Faith


Account Number – 00-2771-0020-75
Bank Name – Bank of the Philippine Islands
Branch – Vito Cruz St. Scholastica, Malate