Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Help us get One Aral Pinoy Boat on the waters of Masbate.

They need more boats @7k per boat.

They prioritized yesterday (Sep 5, 2011) 11 boats for 11 indigents families to bring Masbate kids to school and provide their parents livelihood. The Good News is: "All the 11 boats that we started to ask for this morning (Sep 5, 2011) have been donated all by this afternoon." ~Jay Jaboneta, Pitong Pinoy Awardee

Still they need more boats... help us help them buy and get at least One Aral Pinoy Boat on the waters of Masbate...

Share your donation to Masbate Funds for Little Kids
c/o Dr. Ofelia Samar Sy / Pinoy Power Bicol Coalition Inc.
Bank Account #1801522414 Chinabank, Legaspi City,
Please PM her first before depositing.
Excerpt from the Story of Dr. Ofelia Samar Sy
Yellow Boat Fever Virus and 4-year-old boy
named VICTOR...

VICTOR was spending the week-end at our home.
Being that he has always shown sensitivity to
other people's needs and wants, I thought
I would share the video with him and see how
he would react to it.

We proceeded. At the end of viewing he asked
me to play back one more time. As the story
unfolded he kept getting closer and closer
to me, touching my hand, furrowed eyebrows,
completely focused and zoned in at what was

in front of his little eyes. Questions then
came like "what if there are sharks where
they swim", "what if there is a storm and
big waves", "why do they have to climb the
big rock", "everyday they get wounds on their
hands and feet". By then, I knew he got it,
and felt more at ease that I wasn't exposing
him to situations that at his tender age,
would either ignore or cause some kind of
cynicism. When the (Jessica Soho's Brigada)
docu (see below) ended, his first words to me:
"nana why don't we buy a boat for them."

Antonio Ingles, Jr., Ph.D.
Educator / Founder
Aral Pinoy Org