Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Help 50 Disadvantaged Filipino Youth Earn Diplomas

Project Message: 
"My big dream is to be a certified public accountant and this
project will fulfill my dream by supporting my schooling
expenses. I will find a job right away after
graduation to support my family." 
~ Richard V. La Rosa, Accounting Management Student

My name is Richard V. La Rosa, born June 15, 1993, 20 years of age, from Banay Banay 2.0, San Jose, Batangas  I‘m a  4th year student in (BSU) Batangas State University, Batangas City, taking up Accounting Management. My mother’s name is Adela M. Virrey-La Rosa, 53 years old and born on September 08, 1959. She is under graduate of elementary and had no work or job as of now since she takes care of my father due to his illness. My father’s name is Melchor L. La Rosa, 57 years old and born on January 06, 1956 . He graduated from elementary and a jeepney driver. Last year he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died on May 08, 2013. We are eight siblings in the family.

I am a working student since I was 2nd year high school up to now. But due to my hectic schedule, I worked during Saturday and Sunday only for me to have my transportation fare and school allowance during my school days.

(Pinagkakasya ko po ang pera ko kaya minsan nagbabaon ako ng tinapay o kanin.) You could imagine how I tried to meet both ends on a meager money, so once in a while I simply brought along in school either bread or rice.

I really need to have a financial assistance. Because with my busy schedule with my thesis, assignment and others, I need to have an extra income to support all my expenses. 

My big dream is to be a certified public accountant and this project will fulfill my dream by supporting my schooling expenses. I will find a job right away after graduation to support my family.

I will help my other siblings and support my sisters to continue their studies since they chose to stop in order for me to finish my studies. I also want to have a business of my own for my mother,  that can support not only my family but also other people like PSAC and Aral Pinoy were doing. I was so touched the way they help other people. No pretensions, no anything. 

So, I really need to graduate this April to fulfill my dreams and be someone that my other siblings can rely on. My daily schooling allowance is not enough for Monday until Friday. And I was so thankful that I'm part of Aral Pinoy project and will be a recipient of schooling allowance. I am hoping and praying to God for the chance that I will be selected.

(Maraming maraming salamat po.!)
Many many thanks!

Antonio Levy S. Ingles, Jr., Ph.D.

Project Leader
for Aral Pinoy

High School Students

1. Aguila, Kimberly Ann
2. Alvarez, Che-Che R.
3. Andal, Norie Ros
4. Andaya, Cielou
5. Balunos, Lucky Christian A.
6. Bugtong, Ruby
7. Calalo, Cheska O.
8. De Chavez, Patrick Renz
9. De La Cruz, Marie Rose S.
10. Dolar, Levy A.
11. Katigbak, Noriel A.
12. Lajarca, Joyce Ann R.
13. Laylo, Raymart N.
14. Laylo, Vanna Mae H.
15. Llanes, Kristyl V.
16. Loren Joy Regio
17. Lospe, Rowena P.
18. Mabiling, Israel C.
19. Magabo, Russel G.
20. Mallillin, Peta Mikkaela A.
21. Mantuano, Rhoa Micaela
22. Medina, Aljohn Paul L.
23. Mercado, Cedrick F.
24. Mercado, Lucky Bryan T.
25. Miralles, Christine F.
26. MontaƱez, Mark Aldrin V.
27. Ona, Jhon Paul
28. Ongkit, Jenessa
29. Padua, Jesselyn A.
30. Ramos, Dennica Hannah A.
31. Rueca, Hannah A.
32. Saldua, Shierlyn P.
33. Villanueva, Dianne Kathleen
34. Villanueva, Ed Paulo C.

College Students
1. Arellano, Aldren
2. Bon, Joel V.
3. Dapoc, Angelica
4. De La Cruz, Angelyn M.
5. Dimatatac, Jeanette
6. Gallago, Mary Ann P.
7. Galo, Ina Austria
8. Galupo, Alexander
9. La Rosa, Richard V.
10. Lozada, Paul August V.
11. Marcial, Marie Kris F.
12. Matulac, Shiela Mae P.
13. Ocampo, Absolom
14. Ona, Leona Jane E.
15. Panggat, Leighton
16. Sauro, Mary Rose V.