Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dasol Central School celebrates Christmas w/ Aral Pinoy


Last December 23, 2011, The Grade VI Section B of Dasol Central School celebrated their classroom Christmas party meaningfully for they were joined by Aral Pinoy with Sir Raymond, their class adviser and an Aral Pinoy volunteer.

As early as 7:00 in the morning, the Grade VI pupils excitedly came inside their classroom with a strange banner displayed on the board which caught everyone’s attention. They can all read it but they were all clueless. On the other hand, out of their excitement, some volunteered to write Christmas greetings on the board while others initiated the restructuring of classroom and some prepared for their special numbers.

After the flag ceremony, they excitedly went to their group mates and talked about their games and numbers. When Sir Raymond opened the program, everyone was very eager to participate. Dance and song numbers were presented by different groups. Between their special numbers, Sir Raymond gave exciting and challenging games which the pupils enjoyed a lot while learning the value of teamwork, friendship and camaraderie.

After the games and special numbers, the pupils had their simple snacks. While enjoying their snacks together, they were surprised to see notebooks, pencils and bags being displayed along with their gifts. A curious pupil asked Sir Raymond if the stuffs are for the prizes of the winning team. They were surprised by their teacher’s answer, “No, it was not for the winning team, it’s for everyone.” Sir Raymond officially introduced the strange banner displayed in front of the room. The pupils learned that the supplies were from Aral Pinoy. After hearing the good news, they noisily expressed their happiness and excitement and shouted “Yehey” for they realized that everyone won the game. They came to understand that Christmas is in the air.

After receiving their gifts from Aral Pinoy, they started to share their personal gifts to their classmates. They were all wearing their genuine smiles as they walk around and give their gifts. They were all grateful to Aral Pinoy and to their classmates. They were all extremely happy for sharing the day with their classmates, with Sir Raymond and with their special guest and a new friend, Aral Pinoy.

Thank you to Sir Antonio Ingles for making their last Christmas Party at Dasol Central School memorable and meaningful. Athe end of the day these pupils learned the essence of celebrating Christmas and that is sharing one’s blessings and making other people happy! Thank you Aral pinoy!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Please Help! Talacogon National High School

A friend, Teacher Amyll Josielou Blanco, who graduated from Philippine Normal University-Manila (PNU) with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English (BSED) has decided to teach in Talacogon National High School - Labnig Annex, Agusan del Sur (Philippines). 

Teacher Amyll Josielou told me:  
Mas pinili ko pong dito ako magturo sa probinsya kasi alam ko I can do better at marami akong matutulungan. Ayaw ko masayang yong natutunan ko and I know it's God plan for me to stay here. Ibang fulfillment pag natuturuan ko sila. Actually I travel everyday going to school,  2 hours ang travel. Kung nagtatravel po ako papuntang school, 2 rides po ako, from our place in San Francisco to Prosperidad, then from Prosperidad to Talacogon. Pwede bus or multicab ang means of transportation. Pag nasa school kana, mahirap din, kase wala kaming tubig, at walang kuryente kaya mahirap magturo sa madilim. I know it is hard, pero I find joy naman po sa pagtuturo sa kanila. I say this as it may seem exaggerated, but it has been one of my purposes – I want to reach for these kids and their future. I act not only as a teacher but as a guidance counselor. Most of them came from broken homes. Child labor is also rampant. I have been trying not to be really involved in their personal lives, but it is one of the so many unwritten job descriptions of a teacher like me. 
Talacogon National High School - Labnig Annex, Agusan del Sur (Philippines). Classrooms for first year and second year students. 

 Classroom for third year students and the school office. 

I told her that since December 17, 2011 in the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Sendong, all the efforts of help are on CDO, Iligan and Dumaguete. I just thought that maybe there are other parts affected by Sendong that were not given that attention. Her school was never a topic over news and social media sites. When I asked if they are also affected by Sendong, she said : 
Signal # 2 sa amin. Apektado especially ang Talacogon area. Actually sa amin po kahit hindi man Sendong, mapalakas lang ang ulan, talagang binabaha. All I wish this Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012 is for our students to have books and school supplies. We have 80 students from first year to third year with 5 teachers. The First Year students are 35, the Second Year students are 30 and the Third year students are 15. They have no books and as hard as it is for us. 
The available instructional materials.
The library and the only books in school. Most of them are obsolete, dated 1940's - 1990's.

The discomfort room! Where is the comfort in this room?  

When I told her that three of my friends would like to donate books and school supplies, she replied: 
Tiyak pong ikatutuwa nila to. At matutulungan din ako ng malaki para mas mabilis ang pagtuturong gagawin ko. Maraming salamat Sir Toni. 
Then I asked how to get to Talacogon National High School, she explained: 
Kung sa plane po kayo from Manila to Butuan it will be 1 hour 45 minutes, then you take a bus from Butuan to Talacogon, mga 2 and a half hours po. Kung sa ship naman, from Manila to Butuan, 2 nights and 3 days po, then the same, you take a bus from Butuan to Talacogon din po. Maraming salamat po. I pray that God will bless you more. Sana po marami ka pang kaibigan na wiiling to help us. Thank you so much!
Teacher Amyll Josielou is searching for generous individuals who would donate to her school for her students books and school supplies. But Looking at the depressing sight of the school buildings, I think Teacher Amyll Josielou needs are not just books and school supplies, she needs new classrooms, if not a new building.

If you think you can make a difference, please help! Just text me at 09178661006 or email me

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pamaskong Handog ni Jollibee kay Aral Pinoy

Pamaskong Handog ni Jollibee kay Aral Pinoy December 25, 2011, from Manila to Tayum, Abra. It's a ten-hour travel by bus (Partas Transportation Co Inc) to reach these  Abreanean Kids of landless farmers tilling the land and farm workers who are used to live with meager means. 

Thank you very much Jollibee! Merry CHISTmas Abreanean Kids

Prayer thanking Jesus for His Birthday and grateful to Jollibee
for the Pamaskong Salu-salo...

Abreanean Kids with their parents/guardians...

You may also see more pictures here in this Facebook link:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Dalawang Litrong Panyapak sa Paskong Pangarap."

We are involved in an ongoing advocacy called, "Dalawang Litrong Panyapak sa Paskong Pangarap." Sa bawat batang walang PANYAPAK (tsinelas o sapatos) at sa bawat dalawang used empty plastic bottles that the kids will collect ay tatapatan ng donor ng isang new or a used but still good condition pair of slippers (or shoes).  Pagkatapos ng Pasko' 2011, itutuloy natin ang proyekto bilang: "Dalawang Litrong Panyapak sa Batang May Pangarap"

Makakatulong ito sa kalikasan and to the Earthcare Services of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila (RCAM) as our partner community waste hauler. We will be endorsing these empty-plastic-bottles to them, which will also help RCAM to have additional income to assist too the less-in-life they are supporting.

The donors for this PANYAPAK (tsinelas) will be our students, teachers or any generous individuals or groups who would like to practice the values of sharing, giving and concern for less in life. The beneficiaries of the project will be the poor kids from Tondo, Manila.

Photo courtesy of Pilar College...
DLS-CSB Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management Society (HRIMS), of the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management, and TAPE Inc. (Eat Bulaga) signed a Memorandum of Agreement stating a collaboration in the project "Plastic Ni Juan" last November 17, 2011 at Eat Bulaga's TAPE office in Quezon City.  HRIMS donated a total of 756 kgs of plastic bottles which are now converted to 16 plastic school chairs to be donated to poor schools all over the Philippines. Last December 5, Eat Bulaga staff and crew picked up another 100 kgs of plastic bottles.

Dalawang Litrong Panyapak sa Paskong Pangarap 

Dalawang Litrong Panyapak = two used empty plastic bottles
Panyapak sa Paskong Pangarap = a new or a used but still good conditon pair of slippers or shoes from a donor...

Pagkatapos ng Pasko' 2011, itutuloy natin ang proyekto bilang: "Dalawang Litrong Panyapak sa Batang May Pangarap"

Dalawang Litrong Panyapak = two used empty plastic bottles
Panyapak sa Batang May Pangarap = a new or a used but still good conditon pair of slippers or shoes from a donor...
  1. Give us two empty plastic bottles in exchange of one pair of slippers from us to be given to kids, or
  2. Give us pairs of slippers to be given to kids in exchange of two empty plastic bottles that we will give to be recycled and made into school chairs to be donated to public schools... for every 12,000 plastic bottles we gathered, one school chair will be produced...

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