Thursday, April 2, 2009

Minimal risk, little earnings...

I had an email exchange with Dr. Paul J. Dejillas, a stock, option, and foreign-currency trader ( and he said to me: "I read with great interest about the work and mission you are doing for the people and the community. It's very noble indeed. ...Good luck to you and I am positive that what you learned from our seminar on online trading will certainly open you to some financially rewarding opportunities."

While I’m into online education since 1997, never it occurred to my mind the big benefits of online investing or trading until I joined and learned from the Dr. Dejillas’ Basic Seminar on Investing in Mutual Funds and Stocks Online.

I have been in online education for more than 10 years, but little did I know that a one-day basic seminar on online trading is good enough for me to start confident and in control than simply doing or learning the trade by myself. My experiences in online education helps, but you need not be technologically savvy to learn the ins and outs of online trading.

Online education is a do it yourself thing, online trading is the same. The advantage is, through the virtual trading I decide what and what not to buy, when to buy or sell. Everything is within my control right at my fingertips –whenever and wherever I want. With a click of the mouse I can see the opportunities either a direction up, down or lateral. These are three basic trends for stocks: an uptrend (moving higher), downtrend (moving lower) and lateral (moving sideways).

So what do I do? Let's say I set my target with this strategy: So if I purchase 20 shares of a company at $20 I am willing to risk $5 per share and make an expected return of $7 per share after closing… Minimal risk, little earnings but I think wise investment to support community service initiatives.

Since I know the basics on how to read the trends, let’s say it’s a downtrend line but it shows it’s attempting to set a higher pivot, and it appears it is showing a higher low, then I can still expect a return, and it works! This only means that despite global financial crisis and a slowdown in economic activity, I can still earn and raise fund for Alagang Silid-Aralan (adopt and nurture a classroom).

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