Sunday, August 22, 2010

From Support Alagang Silid-Aralan

Support Alagang Silid-Aralan, and get FREE Aral Pinoy T-Shirt

At the moment , Aral Pinoy is into Alagan g Silid-Aralan (adopt and nurture a classroom project) as one of the initiatives to support teachers and students in classroom level. To adopt and nurture a classroom, anybody (groups and individuals) can be a partner with Aral Pinoy through its ongoing operations and continual improvement of teachers' tr aining, students' learning, classrooms' learning-equipments and facilities.

For Filipinos or Pinoys to adopt is "mag-ampon". The "mag-ampon" means to nurture an adopted. Ang mag-alaga ng inampon (to nurture an adopted) means that nurturing can not be separated from adopting.

Ang Alagang Silid-Aralan ay Alagang Pinoy. Aral Pinoy (AP) introduces "Matuto't Umunlad Para sa Bayan" slogan for Alagang Silid-Aralan Project. AP will give FREE Aral Pinoy T-SHIRT to whoever is willing to promote, support and contribute to AP projects. Are you the one?

Aral Pinoy has a dynamic team of teacher trainers/trainors offering their services for FREE. But as to whoever is willing to sponsor this project still remains to be seen. Our team is like a well trained driver without a car. We can provide you great driving experience in the field of education, but we can not provide the vehicle. As to whoever is willing to provide it, we are here to join you!

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