Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Photo / Image courtesy of The official Facebook Page of De La Salle Philippines

After John Baptist de La Salle was proclaimed Saint by the Church under Pope Leo XIII, his relics was moved to a large chapel inside a new school along Rue Saint Gervais in Rouen. But when the religious teaching congregations in France were suppressed, the relics had to be moved again to the relocated Generalate in Lembecq-les-Hals, Belgium in 1906. Then from Belgium they were transported to Rome, where they arrived on January 26, 1937, which is the same date of the promulgation in 1725 of the Bull of Approbation of the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools. The relics of St. John Baptist de La Salle are now venerated in the church under his name at the Generalate in Rome. (adapted from The Work is Yours by Luke Salm FSC and from the Lasallian Liturgies) ~based from the De La Salle Philippines' Notes The official Facebook Page of De La Salle Philippines, the network of 17 La Salle schools in the country.

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  1. It is likened with the followers of Jesus of Nazareth who were "officially" called Christians in Antioch around the year A.D. 34, so the the group of John Baptist de La Salle was also offcially called the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools on January 26, 1937.

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