Monday, April 18, 2011

Aral Pinoy supports The Tapulanga Foundation!

The Tapulanga Foundation needs you now!

They have 35 new scholars ready to start the school in June 2011. As of the time of this writing (April 18, 2011), there are 10 more new scholars without sponsors.

For as little as $25 or Php1,000/month, or $300 or Php12,000/year you can send a scholar to school for one school year. The scholarship includes school supplies, lunch, uniform and books.

It is easy, recruit your 11 friends plus you, each one donates Php1,000, then you already have a scholar.

If you want to help and donate You may check their website at Or visit their blog at

By May 18 this call will end and before this date comes, we hope and pray that all of the remaining 10 will already have sponsors. You can be that person!

They need you now!

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  1. Thank you Aral Pinoy for helping us find donors for our scholarship program!