Thursday, November 3, 2011

The third DLS-CSB Yellow Boat has come...

"DLS-CSB boat on the go! Back to shore after an hour, cousins Ricky and Ono just used hook and nylon for their viand for lunch." ~Justino Cabarles / November 4, 2011

"Mamay Mila Villamor is a widow who cuddles children who may be entrusted to her by their parents. DLS-CSB FMA4 2011 is now being used to school and back by her adopted children. These children, themselves, go fishing after class hours." ~Justino Cabarles / October 9, 2011

Last September 22, 2011 the first DLS-CSB Yellow Boat was born (DLS-CSB HF12 2011) and October 9, 2011 the second DLS-CSB Yellow Boat has arrived (DLS-CSB FMA4 2011) Today November 3, 2011 the third DLS-CSB Yellow Boat has come (DLS-CSB HF17 2011).

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